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Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting has a number of applications.It is primarily used as a form of cleaning using pressurized water to restore sewer systems and prevent damage from happening in the future. Below are the primary uses of hydro jetting:

Stormwater Drain/Manhole Cleaning

One of the primary functions of hydro jetting is to remediate and restore sewer systems.By using pressurized water, you can remove difficult to remove deposits and can reach narrow spaces in your sewer system which would otherwise be inaccessible. As well as being environmentally responsible, this method also poses no chance of causing any damage to the structure of the sewre system The efficiency and accuracy of the results of this cleaning method make it to the first choice when your sewer system requires cleaning.

Culvert Cleaning

Culverts can regulalrly become clogged from dirt and grass which in turn can block the flow of water. Thankfully, our Hydrovac experts can quickly clean out the culvert without risking any damage to the the structure. As the dirt and grass then starts to turn into mud, we can then use our high-powered vacuum to remove the sludge, ensuring the water can move freely again. 

At Milani Hydrovac we are happy to help our customers ensure they have running water and efficient sewer systems. Call us today so our team of professionals can quickly accomodate you with our fast, fair and reliable service.