Shoring – Milani Hydrovac


Shoring is the process of bracing a trench or excavation to prevent a collapse and ensure that there is a safe working environment for workers. This one of the most important Hydrovac services as it allows workers to work without fear of a collapse.

The process begins with the Hydrovac exposing the underground pipe and then specific size and measurements of what need to be shored is then decided. The shoring cage or box is then set up at grade and all of the required material to sink the cage into the trench is then removed.

The result of this is a safe working environment for those on site. Alongside this, it also allows access to the necessary underground pipes or utilities with minimal impact to the site or environment.

If you are looking for a cost effective and safe way to access an underground pipe or utility, contact Milani Hydrovac. Our experienced Hydrovac technicians can ensure your workers have a safe environment to complete work in and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.